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Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is made with chocolate; it can be made with other ingredients, as well. These ingredients include fudge, vanilla creme, and other sweeteners.


However, unless qualified, the term in everyday usage generally denotes a dessert,afters puddings are wealthy, fairly solid starch- or dairy-based desserts like rice pudding.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake cakes and pastries are made as per the clients’ choice and preferences. We provide these in attractive shapes, sizes and flavors.

Designer Cake

Chocoden is & always remain grateful for your continuous love and support and will always cherish to meet your demands.

Welcome to Choc-O-Den

The “Choc-o-Den” is a Trademark that started as a small family business.The owners are MR. BHAVIN KHIMASIA . Although Not small any more, the business tries to keep the family atmosphere where we care not only about our company, our products and our staff, but also we consider each “customer” a member in this family of Choc-o-Den. Our mission is to make people happy. Making delicious cakes, having restful chairs reasonable smoking free atmosphere and keeping our costs reasonable are all different ways to achieve this goal.

“Choc-o-Den” uses only the best and freshest ingredients in its product, with insistence on quality control at each stage of production, packaging and delivery. “Choc-o-Den” have specialised in and gained honor for custom made personalised products, that the shopper will order as per individual specifications and tastes, together with messages, that touch the hearts of the recipients.  Read More>>